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1166NE. 300NIB Ann Arbor, MI 48109



I am a developmental-behavioral pediatrician with clinical and research interests, several of which overlap. Clinical interests include: attention deficit disorders; sleep problems; elimination disorders in children; self-regulation strategies for chronic pain and reducing distress at common medical procedures. Research interests include: characterizing the behavioral effects of early iron deficiency anemia during early brain development using the rodent model; exploring the immediate and long-term effects of early iron deficiency anemia during infancy with a focus on prolactin and cortisol; and collaborating with other CHGD members to explore the influence of early experience and/of injury on brain, neuroendocrine, and behavioral outcome (rodent and human).


My Publications

Felt, B. T., Peirano, P., Algarin, C., Chamorro, R., Sir, T., Kaciroti, N., & Lozoff, B.

Felt, B. T., Lumeng, J., & Christner, J. (2009). Multimodal treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children. , 79(8), 640-641.

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