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Betsy Lozoff is a behavioral/developmental pediatrician whose research focus is the effects of iron deficiency anemia on infant behavior and development. Iron deficiency is the most common single nutrient disorder in the world. Lozoff heads a multiuniversity cross-species program project grant on brain and behavior in early iron deficiency. Lozoff also directs a large project on iron deficiency in Chile, continues follow-up studies of Costa Rican children who had iron deficiency in infancy, and is part of another large study of micronutrient supplementation in India. The results of research by Lozoff and others indicate that there are long-lasting developmental disadvantages among children who had iron deficiency as infants.

Lozoff received a Merit Award (Method to Extend Research in Time) from NICHD in 1999, which was extended in 2004. She was recently honored with a UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program) Faculty Recognition Award for Outstanding Research Mentorship at the University of Michigan.


My Publications

Wickerham, Erin L., Lozoff, Betsy, Shao, Jie, Kaciroti, Niko, Xia, Yankai, Meeker, John D.

Lozoff B, Castillo M,. Clark K. M., Smith J. B.

Betsy Lozoff, Julia B. Smith, Katy M. Clark, Carmen Gloria Perales, Francisca Rivera, and Marcela Castillo

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