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Dr. Rosenblum is a clinical and developmental psychologist with expertise in early emotional development. Her research and clinical work focus on trauma and relationship disruptions in early childhood, parent mental health, interventions to enhance parent-child relationships, and the special needs of young children in the context of military families, adoption and foster care. Many of the children she studies and works with clinically have experienced significant trauma and loss in their early years, and are consequently at high risk for anxiety, posttraumatic stress, conduct problems, and ongoing relationship disturbances. In addition to her work in the areas of adoption and foster care, Dr. Rosenblum also leads the Strong Families initiative that is part of the University of Michigan’s M-SPAN initiative, focused on building effective outreach and support for military families with young children during and following deployment. At the Center for Human Growth & Development Dr. Rosenblum co-directs the University of Michigan Strengths-Based Adoptive Family Initiative, and she collaborates on several federally funded projects focused on identifying parenting and child self-regulation correlates of pediatric obesity risk. In the Department of Psychiatry she co-directs the Parent-Child Relational Clinic, a training clinic designed to provide relationship-focused assessments and interventions for children birth to 6 years old and their families.

Selected Representative Publications

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Hairston, I. S., Waxler, E., Seng, J. S., Fezzey, A. G., Rosenblum, K. L., Muzik, M.

Klier, Claudia M., Rosenblum, Katherine L., Zeller, Maria, Steinhardt, Kornelia, Bergemann, Niels, Muzik, Maria

Sameroff, Arnold J., Rosenblum, Katherine L.

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